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Spoilers by Randy

Muscle car front spoilers

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73-77 Chevelle spoiler
70-72 Chevelle spoiler
70-72 Chevelle pro tour
69 Chevelle spoiler
69 Chevelle Pro Touring
68 Chevelle spoiler
66-67 Chevelle spoiler
64-65 Chevelle spoiler
75-79 Nova spoiler
68-74 Nova spoiler
68-74 Nova Pro Touring
66-67 Nova spoiler
62-65 Nova spoiler
67-68 Camaro Pro Touring
67-68 Camaro Aluminum spo
69 Camaro Pro Touring spo
69 Camaro Aluminum spoile
70-73 Camaro standard
74-77 Camaro
70-72 Monte Carlo spoiler
67-72 Chevy Truck spoiler
70-73 Firebird
69 Firebird spoiler
66-67 GTO Lemans
68-69 GTO Lemans
70 Skylark GS GSX spoiler
67 Buick GS Skylark spoil
70-72 Cutlass spoiler
67-69 Barracuda Spoiler
70 72-74 Baracuda spoiler
70-74 Challenger spoiler
68-69 Charger spoiler
67-69 Dart spoiler
70-72 Dart Demon spoiler
70-73 Duster spoiler
68-69 Roadrunner spoiler
73-74 Roadrunner spoiler
El camino bed tail panel
70 72 Maverick spoiler


  • Front spoilers for popular muscle cars - Handcrafted from steel and aluminum, made in the USA. 
  •  Spoilers for Chevelle, Nova, El Camino, Monte Carlo, Impala, Skylark, GS, GSX, 
  •  Spoilers for Duster, Dart, Barracuda, Challenger, Charger, Roadrunner
  •  Pro touring style spoilers  for Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, Buick GS
  •  Check out our New 70-73 Standard Camaro Pro Touring Spoiler.       
  • To purchase a spoiler, send me an E-mail at   I will then send you an invoice, or you can send me a money order.  I will also accept a personal check, but you will have to wait for it to clear. If you have a paypal account, I can send you a paypal invoice. 


          One of the 67-68 Camaro pro touring style spoilers.                     These are just some of the spoilers we make.



     Very popular 70-72 Chevelle and El Camino spoiler                                              68-74 Nova spoiler



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                                     66-67 Chevelle Pro Touring  Spoiler





                                              70-72 Chevelle Pro Touring Spoiler