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Spoilers by Randy

Muscle car front spoilers

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70-72 Chevelle spoiler
70-72 Chevelle pro tour
70-72 Chevelle Pro Tour 2
69 Chevelle spoiler
69 Chevelle Pro Touring
68 Chevelle spoiler
66-67 Chevelle spoiler
64-65 Chevelle spoiler
68-74 Nova spoiler
68-74 Nova Pro Touring
66-67 Nova spoiler
66 67 Nova pro touring
62-65 Nova spoiler
67-68 Camaro Pro Touring
69 Camaro Pro Touring spo
70-73 Camaro standard
74-77 Camaro
70-72 Monte Carlo spoiler
67-72 Chevy Truck spoiler
70-73 Firebird
69 Firebird spoiler
66-67 GTO Lemans
68-69 GTO Lemans
70 Skylark GS GSX spoiler
67 Buick GS Skylark spoil
70-72 Cutlass spoiler
67-69 Barracuda Spoiler
70 72-74 Baracuda spoiler
70-74 Challenger spoiler
68-69 Charger spoiler
67-69 Dart spoiler
70-72 Dart Demon spoiler
70-73 Duster spoiler
68-69 Roadrunner spoiler
73-74 Roadrunner spoiler
70 72 Maverick spoiler


  • Front spoilers for popular muscle cars - Handcrafted from steel, made in the USA. 
  •  Spoilers for Chevelle, Nova, El Camino, Monte Carlo,  Skylark, GS, GSX, 
  •  Spoilers for Duster, Dart, Barracuda, Challenger, Charger, Roadrunner
  •  Pro touring style spoilers  for Camaro, Chevelle, Nova, Buick GS
  •  Check out our New 70-72 Chevelle Pro Touring II Spoiler.       
  • To purchase a spoiler, please send a check or money order payable to Randy Helmick  P.O. Box 1223  Lowell, AR 72745. We prefer this method but we also accept Paypal.  The spoilers are made to order. The usual lead time is four weeks from payment.
  • If you need to contact us, please email   
  • Please email for a quote for overseas shipping.


          One of the 67-68 Camaro pro touring style spoilers.             This is the New 66-67 Nova Pro Touring Style.



     Very popular 70-72 Chevelle and El Camino spoiler                                              68-74 Nova spoiler



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                                     70-72 Chevelle Pro Touring II   Spoiler





                                              70-72 Chevelle Pro Touring Spoiler



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